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In a maritime nation like Greece, where the shipping industry is one of the largest growing business activities at an international level, shipping services are an important area of particular importance.

Our team possesses the necessary experience and expertise to provide naval services to a vast range of vessels, used for personal or professional use.

Our goal is to resolve efficiently all naval issues, according to local and international regulations.

Nautical Services

Our Services


Shipping inspection and evaluation.

Shipbuilding studies / design

Shipbuilding studies and design according to your needs.

Issue/Renewal of Certificates

Completion of certificate’s issue and renewal procedures.

Supervision of certificates

We archive your certificates and inform you when their renewal date is due.


We evaluate your vessel’s value with precision.


Counseling services for all issues regarding your vessels.

Selection of inspector / expert

The potential buyer and the ship owner, must know in advance the accurate condition of the vessels before they proceed to any further transactions.

Subsequently, our inspector’s consultation will minimize the cost of the sale or service transaction.

It is important to ensure your legal protection with a written report.

Our company conducts business exclusively with the Accredited Organization I.N.S.B. Through the above cooperation, we have carried out hundreds of inspections to a vast range of vessels and seaside facilities.

Evaluate your vessel

Secure and enjoy your naval experience

For all your naval needs.

We are there for you.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services to businesses and individuals engaged in yachting, shipping and chartering, regarding taxations, accounting, customs and any other technical issues associated with a vast range of vessel types.

Due to our experience, devotion, and most importantly our professionalism, we managed to earn our clients’ and partners’ trust.

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Nautical Services

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